Why consider our shooting range first?

Parma Armory shooting range is considered by serious sportsmen and enthusiasts alike as one of the finest shooting sports centers around. Our excellent and well-trained staff will make sure that your visit to our shooting range is nothing but pleasant and safe for you.

Our shooting center has the largest double-deck shooting range in the world so you can enjoy the most convenient and rewarding shooting experience. Checking in and out is safe, fast, and convenient with no lines and no long wait times, even during high peak hours and days. 

With our well-designed and well-built firearm and archery shooting range, no compromises are made regarding the safety and comfort of our shooting sports clients. We have a large assortment of rental firearms and archery equipment for beginning enthusiasts to experience the joys offered by our shooting sports lifestyle.

Our shooting center is the epitome of a modern and safe multiple shooting range facility, with 26 state-of-the-art indoor firearm lanes and an archery range equipped with 3D animals for practicing with modern and traditional archery equipment.

Whether your interests are in all kinds of firearms or you prefer the traditions of archery, our shooting range has the lane and equipment for you. 


About Our Firearms Shooting Ranges

Our shooting range provides two types of shooting ranges that can accommodate all types of shooters with different skill levels and firearms experience. 

We have the 21-Gun Salute Range and the 5-Star range. Both are equipped with the most modern firearms shooting equipment that make all your shooting activities safe and rewarding.

The 21-Gun Salute Range: 

Our 21-Gun Salute Range has 21 shooting lanes of forty-feet in length with the latest digital controllers on every shooting lane to ensure target selection and manipulation is safe and easy.

Our 21-Gun Salute Range is recognized as the largest indoor double-deck gun range in the world. With 11-gun lanes below and 10-gun lanes above, we eliminated long waiting times for clients to use their favored lanes even throughout peak hours or peak days. 

Named in grateful recognition of our country’s military and law enforcement heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country and our constitutional rights, we salute them with a 21-gun salute every day at our 21-Gun Salute Range

5-Star Gun Range:

Our 5-Star Gun Range is equipped with the most modern shooting facilities in the state. Equipped with 30-yard shooting lanes and electronic target carriers with touch-pad controls for an enjoyable hassle-free shooting activity, our 5-Star Gun Range makes it possible for shooters to enjoy every minute at both our ranges.

Gun Rentals: 

Our shooting range has the largest selection of rental firearms for every shooting preference and ability. From every make and model of handguns, shotguns, and rifles to semi-auto and fully-automatic firearms, in all varieties of calibers, we have the firearm just right for you. Our shooting range offers reasonable rates on our comprehensive list of rental firearms and ammunition to make your shooting experience rewarding and enjoyable at the same time.

Types of Rental Firearms:

Our shooting range keeps the most popular rental firearms commonly requested by our clients on hand. Firearms such as:

  • Colt   
  • Glock
  • SiG-Sauer and;
  • Ruger

Aside from these commonly requested firearm models, we also stock other makes and types of handguns, shotguns, and rifles to meet any shooting sports enthusiast’s needs.

Our shooting range does its best to provide our clients with the latest firearms in the industry available today by constantly adding new types and makes of firearms as they become available, keeping things fresh and exciting for our clients.

Contact us for the latest list of rental firearms available at our shooting range; we are certain we have a firearm for every sport shooting requirement.

How Can You Shoot Fully Automatic Firearms?

Shooting fully automatic firearms are only allowed at our 5-Star Gun Range. Clients can shoot fully automatic firearms at our 5-Star Gun Range and only under the expert supervision of our highly trained and certified range officers. Our shooting range has different makes and types of fully automatic firearms available for your enjoyment. Feel free to contact us for the availability of any fully automatic firearm you require.

Yes, your children and young persons can use our shooting range!

We allow all children and young persons below the age of 18 to use our shooting range facilities provided they are accompanied by their parents, legal guardian, or designated adult. The parents, legal guardian, or designated person must sign a waiver before they are allowed into the shooting lane premises.

A range officer is required to monitor the adult and child’s shooting activities to ensure the safety of all those present in the shooting lane premises.

The responsible adult must sign the following forms before any child or young person is allowed anywhere near the shooting lanes.

  1. Legal Waiver Form
  2. Temporary Guardian and Permission Forms
  3. Gun Range Rules and Waiver Form

We highly value any opportunity to teach children and any young person safe and responsible firearms ownership and operation, and its importance to the Second Amendment Rights that protect the freedoms our Constitution grants us.

About Our Shooting Range:

Our shooting range is designed with the utmost safety of shooters in mind. 

Our shooting range has the most efficient indoor shooting range ventilation system in the world, capable of removing and filtering the indoor air through the entire structure every minute. We make it possible for our shooting enthusiasts to enjoy every hour they spend inside our indoor shooting ranges.

We installed the latest high-technology sound suppression and noise reduction concussion absorbing wall boards in all ceilings and floors to reduce shooter fatigue produced by the concussion of guns being fired in enclosed spaces.

With every steel part of our shooting lanes angled to direct all fired bullets towards a bullet trap, our shooting range ensures our shooters’ safety from injuries caused by ricochets and bullet fragments.

Training Options At Our Shooting Range:

Our shooting range has training options that cater to all shooting levels and experience from basic, introductory firearms training for beginners to advanced shooting classes for experienced military and law-enforcement professionals.

Our shooting ranges also offer Concealed Carry Permit classes, as required by law, for all shooting enthusiasts interested in defending themselves and those around them by exercising their Second Amendment Constitutional Right.

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